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Farm Division

7-8 Boys and Girls


1. Only 1 player at a time will be allowed to swing a bat before going up to bat. It must be in a designated warm-up circle or an area determined by the coach.

2. All players must wear a protective cup.

3. The pitcher and 1st baseman must wear a batting helmet.

4. Catchers must wear full catchers gear.

5. If a player throws his bat while running to 1st base he will be call out.

6. If there is a play at home plate, the runner must slide. If there is no slide the runner will be called out. The runner must slide feet first, the is no head first sliding.

Sportsmanship and Decorum

1. Coaches must maintain control over the players on the benches at all times. Players must sit on the bench in their proper batting order.

2. Home team will occupy 3rd base bench and be in charge of getting the bases our of the storage locker and putting them away.

3. Adult pitchers are encouraged to try and help out the batters as much as they can. If a player is struggling at the plate, pitchers can mover closer and toss underhand to help the batter. Batters are encouraged to swing at anything close. There are no walks. A batter may have up to 5 or 6 strikes.

4. If you don't have enough players, you may borrow from the other team if they have over 9 players. If both teams are short of players, it is recommended to play anyways.

5. The coaches will act as umpires.

Game Rules

1. The coach or designated adult of the batting team will pitch. The pitcher of the team in the field may stand beside the adult pitcher and be ready to field balls hit to the pitcher.

2. There is no bunting.

3. There is no stealing.

4. Only 1 base on an overthrow.

5. Every player on the roster is in the batting line up. There are 3 outs per inning or a maximum of 6 runs, whichever comes first. There is no open inning in the farm division.

6. There will be 9 players on the field (10 if team has only 1 spare). Do not leave 1 player sitting on the bench by himself.

7. A game shall consist of 4 innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes.

8. At the end of the game the 2 teams may have a relay race with 1 team starting at home plate and the other team at 2nd base.

9. No players will sit out 2 innings in a row.

10. A player may play the same position 2 innings in a row and then move to a different position. No player will play in the outfield more than 2 innings in a row.

11. There are no lead offs until the ball crosses the plate.



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