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Mini Mites Division


1. All batters must wear a helmet.

2. First Baseman and Fielding Pitcher must wear a helmet.

3. Catcher must wear full gear.

Sportsmanship and Decorum

1. Number One Rule in this Division is to Have Fun.

2. No Score is Kept.

3. Please make sure that all children play all positions and that the batting order is changed regularly. The base race order is the same as the batting order.

4. At the end of the two innings, there are Base Races. This is a fun relay, one team starts at home plate and the other at second base. The children run the bases relay style. The first team that finishes wins. If one team has more players than the other, run the first runner(s) twice until an equal number of runners has run.

Game Rules

1. Ball size is eleven inch Softie Softball.

2. Two full innings are played. With everyone on each team batting and playing in the field.

3. No Bunting is allowed.

4. Six strikes per batter, no called strikes, swinging only. No walks. After six swinging  strikes, the batter will use a tee to bat.

5. Coaches,assistant coaches or team moms are to keep count of strikes. Coaches encourage players to swing at good pitches!

6. No stealing or leadoffs, the ball must be hit to advance the runner.

7. Coach or designated person of batting team must pitch.

8. The adult pitcher will not field the ball hit by the batter. There will be a fielding pitcher from the opposing team standing to one side of the adult pitcher.

9. Bases will be 40 feet in distance. The pitcher should stand 26 feet from the batter.

10. Players that are out, tagged children or children that swing at six pitches and miss, must leave the field. Outs are not counted, as everyone bats each inning. This is to teach the girls basic rules of the game.

11. Runners advance one base if a ball enters foul territory. If the overthrown ball remains in fair territory outside the infield ( beyond base lines), runners may advance only until the ball re-enters the infield. The runner must be held at the base in which they were advancing to until the next batter hits. If an overthrown ball remains in the infield the runner must stay at the base they advanced to. This rule is to ensure that coaches do not advance runners unnecessarily by taking advantage of lesser skilled players on the field.


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