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5-6 Boys & Girls


The Rally Cap program was developed using existing baseball initiation programs, as well as adding new ideas in order to create increased interest for players.

In the Rally Cap baseball program, each team will consist of 6-8 players. This allows for the formation of more teams, meaning more repetitions, which will allow players to improve their individual skills.

In the Rally Cap baseball, 3 teams will meet at the park at the same time. Two (2) teams will be playing a game while one (1) team will be practicing in the outfield.

The Game

Each session will last between 60 to 75 minutes. Two (2) teams will play an actual game while one (1) team will be practicing drills in the outfield area. After each inning played (both teams have batted), teams will rotate. The rotation will be as follows: Team on 1st base dugout side moves to 3rd base dugout - Team on 3rd base dugout moves to the outfield - the outfield group moves to the 1st base dugout. This rotation should be able to occur 2-3 times per game.

All players will come to bat during their team's 1/2 inning. The 1/2 inning will end when all six players have completed their turn.

There are no walks, no strikeouts, no base stealing and runners can advance only on batted balls.

With hitting being the most fun part of the game, the program has been designed to help players hit the ball no matter what skill level. Ball will be placed on a tee for players to hit off of. The tee is used to ensure proper rotation and to move through the line-up quicker.

When the last hitter hits the ball, the ball must be thrown to home plate in order to get the hitter out.

The batting order will change each time a team comes to bat (first hitter becomes last, etc.).
Defensive positioning will also change each time a team comes to bat.

While in the outfield each team will practice the FUN-damentals:
- Receiving
- Hitting
- Base Running
- General Knowledge
- Coach's Guide will drills are included to help prepare sessions.
- Players rotate through the different stations each time they come back to the outfield.
- Players work with partners at each station to develop their skills.


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